A consortium of composers from the
Universities of Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Hosted by the University of Iowa
Center for New Music
David Gompper, director

Friday and Saturday
November 2 & 3, 2012

The Midwest Composers Symposium

The Midwest Composers Symposium is a consortium made up of the composition departments of four American Midwest Universities: The University of Cincinnati, Indiana University and the Universities of Iowa and Michigan. The purpose is to allow students to have contact with other composers at nearby institutions, and to foster connections and self-identity.

The Symposium began in 1948 by Anthony Donato of Northwestern University, and included the composition departments from the Universities of Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. For a few years during the 1960s, the symposium concerts ceased due to a change in academic calendars, but resumed in the early 1970s when most schools adopted the quarter system. Oberlin College joined at this point, and a few years later, Indiana University. Northwestern dropped out in 1992, as did Illinois and Oberlin in 2007. The University of Cincinnati joined in 2008.

The University of Cincinnati

Michael Fiday*, Mara Helmuth, Joel Hoffman,
Douglas Knehans and Miguel Roig-Francoli
Carrie Magin, student assistant

Indiana University
David Dzubay, Don Freund, John Gibson, Jeffrey Hass, Claude Baker,
PQ Phan, Aaron Travers* and Sven-David Sandstrom (visiting)

The University of Iowa
Lawrence Fritts*, David Gompper* and Bert Van Herck
Will Huff, Jason Palamara, Brian Penkrot and Justin Comer, student committee

The University of Michigan
Evan Chambers, Michael Daugherty*, Kristy Kuster, Erik Santos,
Paul Schoenfield and Bright Sheng
Patrick Harlin, student assistant

*-attending conference

Program Schedule

Friday, November 2 at 19.30
Iowa Memorial Union, Ballroom (map)

Featuring the University of Iowa Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Band
Center for New Music Ensemble

Music by Biedenbender (UM), Gasimzada (CCM), Renk (IU), 
Perrine (UI), and Harlin (UM)

Saturday, November 3, from 10:30 to 12.30
University Capitol Center Recital Hall (map)

Music by Iogansen (UI), Dolan (CCM), Frantz (UI), Hwang (CCM), Sottile (UM)
Penkrot (UI), Huff (UI), Cline (IU), Taylor (IU), Chow (IU), Bohman (UM), Smart (UI)

Saturday, November 3, from 13.30 to 15.00
UCC Break Room (map)

Saturday, November 3, from 15.30 to 17.00
UCC Recital Hall (map)

Music by Comer (UI), Lucas (UM), Hurst (IU), Walker (CCM), Heredia (UM), 
Browne (UM), Boggs (UM), Yoon (CCM), Bark (IU), Palamara (UI)

Saturday, November 3, at 19.30
Riverside Recital Hall (map)

Music by Magin (CCM), Donner (IU), Cunningham (UM), Hamidi (UI), Weimer (CCM),
Zhang (CCM), Smith (UM), Lindsay (IU)

Reception for all invited participants after final concert at David Gompper's home