Richard B. Hervig - director, William Hibbard - music director
James Dixon - advisor and conductor, Peter Lewis - electronics

Patrick Purswell - flute
Jon English - trombone
William Parsons - percussion
Candace Natvig - voice
William Matthews - flute
Robert Strava - violin
Motter Forman - harp
Morton Feldman - composer
Charles West - clarinet
Byron Duckwall - cello
Joan Purswell - piano
David Burge - piano
   assisting personnel  
Sue West - flute
James Sheppard - trumpet
Dennis Edelbrock - trumpet
Joe Blaha - bass trombone
William Scharnberg - horn
Robin Schulkoski - perc
Malcom Brannen - violin
Tascha Schultze - cello
David Heide - clarinet
Mike Blake - trumpet
Jim Roberts - trombone
Robert Gifford - trombone
Hugh Wright - perc
Allen Unklesbay - perc
Erich Lear - violin
Gerald Chenoweth - clarinet
Paul Smoker - trumpet
Gary Barkey - trombone
Julie Scharnberg - horn
John Beckford - perc
Terry Applebaum - celesta/perc
Tanya Carey - cello
Paul Berner - double bass
  vocal ensemble  
Mary André
Rinde Eckert
Julie Kaufman
Joe Noble
David Brantley
Nancy Finke
Philip Mattson
Jan Slivken
Linda Brinkerhoff
David Judisch
Candace Natvig
Charles Turner
   assisting faculty  
Eldon Obrecht - double bass
James Avery - piano
James Lakin - oboe
Lowell Cross - Video/Laser III
D. Martin Jenni - piano
Janice Roché - contralto


Berio, Luciano Circles
Ives, Charles First Piano Sonata
Lewis/Miller Signal-Messe for 4-channel tape and film

Babbitt, Milton Partitions, pno
Dallapiccola, Luigi Quattro Liriche di Antonio Machado
Schoenberg, Arnold Six Short Pieces for Piano, op. 19
Webern, Anton Five Canons op. 16, Sonata, Three Short Pieces, op. 11
Webern, Anton String Quartet, op. 28, Three Songs, op. 23

Hervig, Richard Antiphon II "Quid est musica"

Lewis, Peter Tod Echo-chain Rapture
Lewis, Peter Tod Voces I & IV
Lewis, Peter Tod Hashish III
Lewis, Peter Tod Sound-Messe III

Babbitt, Milton Partitions, pno
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms VI for piano and tape
English/Miller " ... whose circumference is nowhere."
Foss, Lukas Time Cycle
Hibbard, William Parsons' Piece for solo percussionist
Riley, Dennis* Variations III: va

Dallapiccola, Luigi Parole di San Paolo
Ives, Charles From the Steeples and Mountains
Messiaen, Olivier Couleurs de la cité céleste
Riley, Dennis* Concertante Music No. 2

Crumb, George Ancient Voices of Children
Feldman, Morton De Kooning
Feldman, Morton Voices & Instruments II
Feldman, Morton Viola in My Life II

Feldman, Morton For Franz Kline
Feldman, Morton Pianos and Voices I
Feldman, Morton Four Songs to e.e. cummings

Copland, Aaron Piano Sonata
Crumb, George Makrokosmos, Vol. I
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms VI
Lewis, Robert Hall Serenades for piano solo

Bark, Jan/Rabe, Fulke Bolos
Berio, Luciano Sequenza V
Cage, John Fontana Mix, Aria, Concert
Logan, Wendell* Textures, pno
McCreary, Richard* Piece for Solo Percussion and Tape
Rands, Bernard Ballad I

Berio, Luciano Sinfonia

Messiaen, Olivier Isle de feu I - II
Messiaen, Olivier Le merle noir
Messiaen, Olivier Le baiser de l'Enfant-Jésus
Messiaen, Olivier Quatuor