The Center for New Music

  David Gompper, Director
  Zach Stanton, Interim Music director (2020-2021)
  Jean-François Charles, Music director, LOUi
  Sivan Cohen Elias, Visiting Asst Professor, 2019-20
  Maxwell Denney, Research Asst, CNM
  Mark Rheaume & Wenxin Li, Research Assts, CW

The CNM 55th Fall Concert Season Preview

---All concerts free and open to the public--- 

Sun, Sep 27, 2020@7.30p 1. Composers' Workshop Concert I - Broadcast
Sun, Nov 8@7.30p 2. CNM Ensemble Concert II - Live Stream
Tues, Nov 17@7:30p 3. 24+24 composers project - Broadcast
Tues, Dec 1@7.30p 4. LOUi concert - Broadcast
Wednesday, Dec 2@7.30p 5. JACK Quartet in Concert - Broadcast
Friday, Dec 11@7:30p 6. Electronic Music Studio Concert 1 - Live Stream