William Hibbard - director

Jane Walker - flute
Barbara Bullock - clarinet
Dawn Marino-Ohmes - violin
Barbara Phillips Farley - piano
James Reck - cello
Michael Geary - percussion
  assisting personnel  
Claudia Anderson - flute
Susan Warner - clarinet
Eric Hummel - trumpet
Jeffrey Macomber - trombone
Carolyn T. Stahle - tuba
Eric Halvorson - perc
Barbara Rivadeneira - piano
Rosemary Lack - soprano
Julianna Moore - flute
Greg Morton - bassoon
Dann L. Thornton - trumpet
Mick Sehmann - horn
Steven Butters - perc
Yousif Sheronick - perc
Jerome Lenk - piano
Jean McDonald soprano
Marit Hervig - viola
Michael G. Miller - oboe
Michael Flynt - trumpet
Mark Mendell - trombone
Kristin Davidson - horn
Patrick Doyle - perc
Georganne Cassat - harp
Heidi I. Irgens - soprano
Robert Baldwin - viola
  assisting faculty  
Betty Bang Mather - flute   Eldon Obrecht - double bass


Boulez, Pierre Douze Notations
Cage, John Second Construction; Third Construction
Eckert, Michael Quartet for Flutes
Hervig, Richard Chamber Music for Six Players

Hervig, Richard A Diversion for Trombone and Percussion
Hervig, Richard Chamber Music for Six Players
Hibbard, William Parsons' Piece
Jenni, D. Martin Cucumber Music

Bobak, Mark Two Settings After Wallace Stevens
Brouwer, Margaret Timespan
Costa, John Outono, Na Padra De Mar
Gale, David Woodwind Quintet #2
Monhardt, Jonathan* Hickory Ridge
Pearson, Erik Keeping Things Whole

Boulez, Pierre Douze Notations
Feldman, Morton The Viola In My Life III
Hibbard, William Duo; Parsons' Piece
Powell, Mel Immobile for tape and diverse instruments

Berg, Alban Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, op.5
Boulez, Pierre Douze Notations
Hibbard, William Parsons' Piece
Ran, Shulamit For an Actor: Monologue for Clarinet
Warner, Scott* Days of Ember

Cage, John 4' 33"; Concert for Piano and Orchestra
Feldman, Morton The Viola In My Life II
Hervig, Richard Antiphon II: "Quid est musica"; Five Romantic Songs
Lund, Erik Plane Dancing

Farley, Michael* Camellia
Hervig, Richard The Tree
Powell, Mel Immobile for tape and diverse instruments
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Zyklus