24+24 Composers' Concert

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 7:30p in the Concert Hall




Trinton Prater

Lisa Lutgen, oboe
Eugene Ryoo, tenor saxophone
Vishuddha or the throat chakra, is the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tradition of tantra.



Angelica Emrich

Keegan Hockett, Bassoon

Take Me To The River

Matt Mason

Miguel Calleja, violin
Take Me To The River "I have heard that every body of water in North America is connected. But how the river runs is no concern of mine." 

Blue Bamboo

Wenxin Li

Gabriel Sánchez Porras, alto saxophone
Blue Bamboo This piece focuses on Saxophone’s multiphonics technique. An air sound, a single tone, an interval, and a chord can all be derived from a single fingering, which is like how bamboo grows, from the bottom one chuck above another. Besides, Saxophone’s texture (especially with heavy key clicks) sounds bamboo-like to me.  

Impulse for solo trombone

Hongwei Cai

Mark L Rheaume, trombone

Feelings, for solo trumpet

Sanggeun Choi

Kenken Gorder, trumpet
Feelings A theme is from "Quejas, o La Maja y el ruiseno" which is originally a piano piece composed by the Spanish composer, Enrique Granados.

Black Swan, for solo oboe

Geng Zhang

Amelia Johnson, oboe


Ramin Roshandel

Sam Kelly, clarinet
Alexis Doremus, oboe
N for Nasrin Sotoudeh.

"Conductor Piece" No. 2 for solo conductor

Tyler Katz

Megan Maddaleno, conductor
Conductor Piece No. 2 explores the sounds created by a baton on the music stand. The conductor acts less as a conductor, but rather, more closely to a percussionist, with the baton and the stand themselves becoming the instruments.

Redbud blossom, blueberry bee

Gregory Evans

Adrián Gómez, cello

That’s Not the Sun in the Sky, It’s a Human Heart

Jess Moriner, piano
That’s Not the Sun in the Sky, It’s a Human Heart The piece consists of eight-ish short, repeated fragments played very loud and very fast for varied durations, with the pedal left open to allow for sympathetic vibrations of the strings. The pianist is asked to “Just beat the hell out of” each chord, and generally just have fun with it.