Center for New Music Season 51 Concert Series, Concert Event Photos


The 2016-17 UI Student composers and faculty

MidWest Composers Symposium

UI hosting composers from the Universities of Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and CCM


Composers and performers participating in the MCS Concerts
left to right: back row:
Jean-François Charles, Christpher Peysen, Jeremy Maas, Jonathan Wilson, Paul Duffy, Joseph Norman,
Jared Hedges, Nima Hamidi, Luke Kottemann, Carlos Cotallo Solares, Zachary Stanton, Jinwon Kim;

front row:
Carlos Toro-Tobon, Alex Spenceri, Bernard Short, Jake Simmons, Christine Burke,
 Zachery Meier, Alex Spyrou, Honwei Cai, Joshua Levine and David Gompper



The Universities of Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and CCM faculty attending the 2016 Symposium
Michael Fiday (CCM), P.Q. Phan (IU), Michael Daugherty (UM),
David Gompper, Zachary Stanton and Joshua Levine (UI).




UI School of Music director Dave Gier (left), chatting with guest alumni David Maki and John Allemeier
after the Center Concert XX on April 23, 2017.