Season 36, Concert I

Music of Our Times
Friday, September 28, 2001, 7:30 pm, University Art Museum
Works by Isidora Zebeljan, Luciano Berio, Vera Stanojevic, John Allemeier and Tatjana Milosevic.

Season 36, Concert 2

Contemporary Serbian Music
Sunday, September 30, 2001, 8:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
A reciprocal concert, initially performed at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia on April 16, 2001.
Works by Vladan Radovanovic, Isidora Zebeljan, Milan Mihajlovic, Srdjan Hofman, Vera Stanojevic and Tatjana Milosevic.

Season 36, Concert 3

Anglo-American Fiddle Music
Wednesday, October 3, 2001, 8:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
Austrian violinist: Wolfgang Sengstschmid and pianist: Daniel Grimwood
Performing works by Aaron Copland, Elliot Carter, Luke Bedford, David Gompper, Jeremy Dale Roberts, Howard Ferguson and Ching-Chu Hu.

Season 36, Concert 4-5

Wednesday, October 30, 2001, Moscow, Russia
A concert of all-Iowa composers including D. Martin Jenni, Michael Eckert, Lawrence Fritts, Dimitri Papageorgiou, David Lang, John Allemeier, Charles Dodge and David Gompper. The work Impression-Expression by Vladimir Tarnopolski was also included.
Thursday, November 2, 2001, Moscow, Russia
A concert of Russian and American composers including Lewis Spratlan, Alexey Sioumak, Michael Daugherty, Michael Torke, Roman Ledenev and Charles Wuorinen.

Season 36, Concert 6

Moscow Tour Concerts in Iowa
Monday, November 5, 2001, Iowa City
A program of music selected from works performed at the Moscow Conservatory of Music On Tour
October 25 - November 4, 2001.
Composers included Michael Torke, Lawrence Fritts, John Allemeier, Michael Eckert, D. Martin Jenni, David Lang, Dimitri Papageorgiou and David Gompper.

Season 36, Concert 7

Mirabai Songs
Saturday, December 1, 2001, 7:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
John Harbison's Mirabai Songs and the dance drama The Search for Eternal Love, performed by the Noopor Dance Troupe.

Season 36, Concert 8

CNM commissions & works by UI students
Sunday, February 10, 2002, 8:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
Featuring works by Michael Cash, John Ritz, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Gerardo Dirié, Christopher Brakel and Lewis Nielson.

Season 36, Concert 9

CNM at the University of Northern Iowa
Friday, February 22, 2002, 8:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
Performing works by Michael Eckert, Lawrence Fritts, John Allemeier, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Matthew Grusha, Amelia S. Kaplan, Martin McGinn and Michael Torke.

Season 36, Concert 10

Music of Our Times II
Friday, April 5, 2002, 7:30 p.m. at the University Art Museum
Works by David Gompper, Jerome Summers, George Crumb and John Morrison.

Season 36, Concert 11

SEAMUS Conference
Saturday, April 6, 2002, 8:00 p.m. at Clapp Recital Hall
Works by Mara Helmuth & Allen Otte, Kristi McGarity, Paul Rudy, John Morrison, Barry Schrader, Sam Hamm, Mark Phillips, Denis Smalley and Marc Ainger.
Sept 2001 composers

Students and faculty of the composition program, 2001, taken outside the old Voxman School of Music along the Iowa River.