Index of Lecturers

The Center for New Music

Acevedo-Arús, Marcos (Temple University)

       "Opening Theme as Narrative in ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’"

Addis, Laird

       "Remembering Richard Hervig"

Backfish-White, Daniel (Butler University)

       "Gone Phishin’: Masculinity Politics in the Culture of Phish"

Barnett, Gregory

       "'Indianist' Composers, Native American Melodies, and the White Imagination of the Early Twentieth Century"

Cole, Kelly (Bowling Green State University)

       "Surprising, New Emotions: Female Narrative in Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth"

Di Pietro, Austin (Wayne State University)

       "Establishing a Transnational Jazz Scene in the Windsor-Detroit Borderlands"

Eckert, Michael

       "The Music of Ralph Shapey"

       "Luigi Dallapiccola on Olivier Messiaen: a postwar perspective"

Fritts, Lawrence

       "Mappaemundi: A Collaboration in Art, Music, and Mathematics"

Gompper, David

       "Engaging Native American Music in Contemporary Composition"

       "Birds of a Feather: Moment form in Messiaen's Oiseaux Exotiques"

Marion, Greg

       "Prelude(s) to Prelude(s): a Messiaenic response to Debussy?"

Iogansen, Leonid

       "From abstract to concrete vs from concrete to abstract: Opposite vectors of development in artistic language in painting and music."

Mumme, Lisa (Washington University, St. Louis)

       "Death on the Road: Music and the Deaths of Women in the Mad Max Film Franchise"

Nelson, Anna (University of Michigan)

       "‘Non multa, sed multum’: Interrogating the Modernist Aphoristic Aesthetic"

Nez, Ketty

       "Cross-cutting the illusion of continuity in Messiaen's Oiseaux Exotiques"

Peter, Nicole (University of Iowa)

       "Jane Austen and Thorough-Bass"

Rojek, Jakub (University of Arizona)

       "Enhancing Music Education by Connecting Improvisation and Composition"

Sakamoto, Minato (Duke University)

       "Piano Is Chinese"

Simmons, Jim

       "Musical Strands and Their Use in the Art Music Canon"

Sprout, Leslie

       "Messiaen's War Memories"
            03/28/04 *12/08/96   

Strauss, Walter

       "Messiaen in Double Exposure"

Tinoco, Felipe Guz (Washington University, St. Louis)

       "Cyborg Sounds: Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s New Cuban Popular Music"

Tran, Sylvie (University of Michigan)

       "Lofty Goals and Lucky Breaks: Wind Quintet Transcriptions and the Formation of Canon"

Tubbs, Andrew (Washington University, St. Louis)

       "‘I’d Rather Pretend I’m Something Better than these Broken Parts’: Compulsory Able-Bodiedness
in Dear Evan Hansen"


Tuttle, Alexis (University of Iowa)

       "Singing for Suffrage: The Compositions of J.H. DeVoe"

Watkins, Glenn

       "Writing History: The Composer and the Musicologist"
            02/18/11 *04/30/83
       "Music and the 100th Anniversary of America’s entrance into World War I"
            04/06/17 *04/05/98   

Watkins, Lindsay (University of Florida)

       "Pretest, Identity, and Digital Media in ‘Glory to Hong Kong’"

Winter, Zane

       "Recent Trends in Cello Notation"