Viva Concertante

2 CD set of soloistic works for chamber orchestra

    Performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra,
    Moscow Conservatory Studio for New Music, and
    University of Iowa's Center for New Music Ensemble.

David Gompper Spirals
Joseph Dangerfield Winter Rites
Ketty Nez beyond release
Ching-Chu Hu A Tempered Wish
Jeremy Dale Roberts Lines of Life II
Anton Webern/Cain Two Songs
Noel Zahler Concerto for Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra
Franco Donatoni Lem II

Spring 2009

Into the Future

The Center for New Music at 40

    Performed by faculty and student ensembles
    at the University of Iowa, School of Music

Musica segreta (David Gompper)
Piccolos and Plungers (John Berners)
Edges (Luke Dahn)
Wind Quintet (Michael Eckert)
4 Mod 4 (Lawrence Fritts)
The Waves Roll on, Thundering and Shimmering (Joseph Dangerfield)

Mid 2007

D. Martin Jenni Tribute

The University of Iowa Center for New Music

    Produced by David Gompper
    Director, Center for New Music

In Memoriam H.S. (Humphrey Searle)
Musique Printanière
Jusqu'a la Liesse
Tympanorum Musices
Tio's Foursome
Sam mbira
Per Elysios
Verbum supernum
Figura Circulorum

June 2007

The University of Iowa Center for New Music

Twentieth-Century American Music

    CNM Ensemble
    David Gompper
, director/conductor

Abiding Passions (William Albright)
Flashbacks (Mario Davidovsky)
Concertino (Bernard Rands)
Agarttha (Noel Zahler)
Sinatra Shag (Michael Daugherty)
Don't Go There! (David K. Gompper)
Finnegan's Wake (David K. Gompper)

March 2006

The University of Iowa
Center for New Music

25th Anniversary (1966-1991)

    CNM Ensemble
    David Gompper
, director

Off Center (Richard Hervig)
Handwork for piano (William Alden Hibbard)
Nocturnes for trumpet and piano (Eric Ziolek)
#16 (Robert Paredes)
Movement for Five Instruments (Hans-Michael Eckert)
Awakenings (Joan La Barbara)