Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Harbison's
MiraBai Songs

Katherine Eberle,  mezzo soprano
with the Center for New Music ensemble
David Gompper, Director

A song-cycle based on lyrics of MiraBai as rendered in English by Robert Bly and interpreted by the contemporary American composer, John Harbison

The Search for Eternal Love
Noopor Dance Troupe

Jayeeta Sen, Director and Choreographer Latika Bhatnagar, Music and Script
A dance drama on Mira's quest for union with the Divine Beloved, presented through classical dance styles of India, combining elements of Kathak, Bharata Natyam, Manipuri, Kathakali and folk dances

MacBride Auditorium
Saturday, December 1, 2001, 7:00 pm



MiraBai Songs John Harbison
  1. It's True, I Went to the Market
  2. All I Was Doing Was Breathing
  3. Why Mira Can't Go Back to Her Old House
  4. Where Did You Go?
  5. The Clouds
  6. Don't Go, Don't Go
Katherine Eberle, mezzo-soprano
Ismael Reyes,  alto flute
Karen Kress,  bass clarinet
Pam Weest-Carrasco,  harp
Tim Shaw,  percussion
Alla Cross,  violin
Charletta Taylor,  viola
David Evenchick,  violoncello
Moriah Neils,  double bass
David Gompper,  conductor