D. Martin Jenni - director, David K. Gompper - music director

Laura Koenig - flute
Marla Feeney - clarinet
Alise Oliver - horn
Paul Altenhofen - trombone
Michael Geary - percussion
Shawn LaFrenz - percussion
Duane Gugel - piano
Michael Miller - piano
Glaucia Borges - violin
Thomas Stirling - violin
Mitchell Johnson - violin
Michele Meininger - viola
Emily Gosma - cello
Mario Chiarello - double bass
Karen Bergquist - flute
Laurie Matzko - clarinet
Tim O'Dell - saxophone
Michael Matzko - trombone
Tony Oliver - percussion
Lee Ferguson - percussion
Robert Fuller - piano
Pam Weest-Carrasco - harp
Shenobu Saito - violin
Mark Chang - violin
Poppy Crum - violin
Amy Getter - viola
Jennifer Neuman - cello
Rich Wagor - double bass
Julie Holst - double bass
Janis Brown - clarinet
Ann West - trumpet
Edward Wueschner - trombone
Scott Wilson - tuba
James Romig - percussion
Edwin Hill - percussion
Mark Martin - piano
Gene Dowdy - violin
Wonran Kim - violin
Jane Sande - violin
Yiwen Xu - violin
Andrew Pool - viola
Joseph Rovine - cello
Rob Shannon - double bass
  assisting faculty  
Donald Haines - violin
Steve Grismore - tanpura
David Nelson - violin
Sven Hansell - harpsichord
Scott McCoy - tenor
Allen Ohmes - violin
Mark Weiger - oboe
  guest artists  
Drew Krause - piano
Marcia Roberts - soprano
Elizabeth Bell - composer
Michael Twomey - composer
Paul Marquardt - piano
Todd Seelye - guitar


10/04/92 - CNM ensemble || download program
Albright, William Introduction, Passacaglia, and Rondo Capriccioso
Albright, William Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet
Albright, William Sphaera; Take That

10/12/92 - guests Krause/Marquardt Duo || download poster || download program
Cage, John Experiences # 1; One
Feldman, Morton Three Pieces for Piano; Vertical Thoughts
Krause, Drew Profit Motive
Marquardt, Paul Three Melodies for Piano
Paccione, Paul Continuum

12/04/92 - CNM performance at UI Main library || download poster || download program
Harbison, John Mirabai Songs

12/06/92 - CNM Ensemble || download poster || download program
Bell, Elizabeth Spectra
Harbison, John Mirabai Songs
Kurtz, Eugene Logo III
Twomey, Michael As Cassandra Laughed

12/07/92 - Words and Music, a recital featuring recent collaborations between poets and composers || download poster || download program
Gompper, David & Bell, Marvin White Glass
Siegfried, Kevin & Kenning, Janet Desire
Ewing Cris & Nutter, Geoffrey Exercise I
Miller, Michael & Crayne, Sara Ezra in the Terrestrial Paradise
Osborne, Andrew & Ledbetter, Steven Finale
Ross, John C & Nutter, Geoffrey Games We Love
Ewing, Cris & Wolff, Rebecca Constant Words, Random Music/Random Words, Constant Music
Miller, Michael & Secor, Nan Renascence: after Edna St. Vincent Millay
Baker, Kenneth & Pretorius, Mary Thwarted Movements
Burrier, Matthew & Secor, Nan Elemental Aperisms
O'Dell, Timothy & Kenning, Janet Toward Degenerate Matter

02/14/93 - CNM Ensemble || download program
Boulez, Pierre Sonatine
Daugherty, Michael Little Firecracker
Jenni, D. Martin Figura Circulorum
Vine, Carl Defying Gravity

03/07/93 - guest Todd Seelye, guitar || download program
Reynolds, Roger The Behaviour of Mirrors
Takemitsu, Toru All in Twilight
Swift, Richard A Stitch in Time
Carter, Elliot Changes
Moevs, Robert Echo
Morris, Robert To the Nine
Brouwer, Leo Le Decameron Noir

04/04/93 - CNM Ensemble || download program
Gaburo, Kenneth Line Studies
Rands, Bernard ... in the receding mist ... "; Canti Del Sole