The Laptop Orchestra at UI

The Laptop Orchestra of the University of Iowa (LOUi) is an experimental new music ensemble that promotes the intersection of acoustic and electronic music, of traditional or classical instruments with laptops, guitar pedals, and other electronic devices. Students create their own repertoire and develop improvisation skills. The ensemble is open to anyone at the University with background in music, and interest in programming or electronic music.

2020-2021 performances


2019-2020 performances

2018-2019 performances

2017-2018 performances

- October 11th, creation of Volumes of Worlds, with choreographer George De La Peña (image lower right)
- December 1st, concert with new musical instruments, and guest artist Andrew Bentley, Recital Hall, Voxman
- May 4th, concert with guest jazz trio Nautilis Trio, Stark Opera Hall, Voxman.

2016-2017 performances

- Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 7:30pm, Voxman, Concert Hall: Collective Improvisation "Insertion/Extraction" by Joseph Norman
- Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 7:30pm, Voxman, Stark Opera Studio, LOUi & Jhe Russell: 4'33" (original score, John CAGE), Guitar School (Jean-François CHARLES), Nao Music (Collective), Chimerique (Jonathan Wilson), Jam (Collective & Jhe Russell)

LOUi 2
LOUi 3
LOUi Dance Gala